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With an organic belief in — and a solid reputation for applying — a true client-vendor partnership on every project, LBi Software provides a highly configurable HR case management solution designed to put the power in the hands of the employee, for businesses with as few as 50 employees or more than 50,000.

LBi HR HelpDesk, like each of our solutions and services, is the result of decades of experience building and integrating self-service applications for the HCM market. We have 25 years of experience developing myriad HR case management applications and 15 years specifically supporting clients with PeopleSoft solutions.

LBi possesses a unique combination of skill sets in the HCM market: experience in both enterprise and SMB computing and their business operations. This combination enables us to quickly provide configurable solutions for the real-world HR case management software needs of today's companies.

Beyond our technical skills and expertise, LBi has the desire, agility, adaptability and flexibility to provide a solution when off-the-shelf software and major-enterprise HR applications simply don't fit.

Our size and methodology allow us to implement innovations and respond to client needs incredibly quickly. Unlike larger, less specialized solution providers, LBi is able to bring dedicated focus to each and every project, every step of the way, from every member of the team.

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LBi is headquartered on Long Island, in Woodbury, N.Y. We encourage you to learn more about: Start the Conversation with LBi Now!

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