IVR and Speech Integration —
Skills and Experience for HCM Solutions

LBi Software has over 25 years of experience developing self-service applications that meet the burgeoning need for automated HR processes. Our client-focused approach and tenacious spirit ensure that we build it right every time, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

We designed and launched our first IVR-based HR application, a benefits enrollment system, in 90 days in 1991. The client benefited from increased data accuracy, greater operational efficiency and heightened employee satisfaction.

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IVR and Speech Integration Technical Expertise

LBi has all of the resources to meet your IVR development needs. From the simplest application to the most complex, multi-tiered voice-and-data integration, the LBi Voice User Interface (VUI) team works in collaboration with you. The result is an integrated solution designed from the ground up with the best-in-class technologies.

  • GVP/VG
  • Telera
  • MPS, VPS, BCM platforms
  • PeriPro
  • VXML 2.0+ voice browsers
  • OpenVXI
  • InVision and VXML
  • Express 2.0
  • Reproduce VXML tool
  • Speech recognition
  • Text-to-speech
  • Speaker verification

IVR and Speech Integration Services

Whether you're building a full enterprise solution or a smaller "bolt-on" application, LBi has worked beside clients for over 25 years to develop the best solutions for improving productivity and decreasing operating costs.

Professional Services to Fit Your Needs

Speech Recognition Enable speech recognition for an existing IVR application, replacing touchtone with natural speech interaction. See our case study.
Speaker Verification Add speaker verification to an existing IVR application for added fraud detection; verify each caller's voice against a voiceprint database. See our case study.
Text-to-Speech Enable an IVR application to speak pertinent variable data back to the caller, i.e., synthesized speech enablement.
VXML Upgrade Upgrade a legacy IVR platform or application(s) to the newest XML-based environment; save on licensing and maintenance fees.
New Application Development Implement a custom-designed application and take advantage of the newest technologies.
CTI Apply "screen pops" in your call center application.
Script Re-engineering Leverage a well-designed script - the foundation of any IVR application and a key to reducing CSR transfers.