ETL and Data Warehousing —
Expanded Use of Existing Data Structures

Sometimes an existing database structure is simply not suited to efficiently run complex BI queries. Often, a particular application is designed only to report on data that it collected itself. LBi's ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and data warehousing take care of those challenges.

ETL takes your existing operational data and massages it into a format that is more suitable for reporting.The use of ETL will let you collect and organize data from a host of sources and combine it all into a single data warehouse.

In addition, LBi has years of experience consolidating and converting legacy databases into BI warehouses. We can take your existing databases and turn them into an efficient and intuitive reporting repository. See our Data Warehouse case study.

For more on ETL, see our news story The Benefits of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL).

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