Custom Sports Analytics Software — Built for a Dynasty

LBi Software's commitment to develop software that meets our clients' specific needs extends beyond HR technology. This is why we created a separate custom sports analytics solution — to help professional sports teams build award-winning dynasties.

LBi Dynasty is a custom sports analytics solution by LBi Software that creates superior teams through precise, customized insights succinctly delivered to club decision-makers in any format, on any device.

This sports analytics software gives its users a competitive edge and empowers general managers, coaches, and scouts to make better draft picks, signings, and trades through streamlined and accurate statistics. LBi Dynasty equips clubs and teams with customized tools they can use on the sidelines, in the press box, or while riding the bus.

In fact, you've probably heard about our custom sports analytics software, whether you realize it or not. We worked with MLB's Commissioner's Office to create and maintain the electronic Baseball Information System, or eBIS, and also created and currently maintain the NBA's Player Contract Management System, or PCMS. We've also equipped several professional sports teams with their own customized sports analytics systems.

To deliver extraordinary sports analytics, LBi Dynasty leverages:

  • A Robust Reporting Engine
  • Statistics Interfaces
  • Integrated Video
  • Contract and Roster Data
  • Digital Acumen
  • Over 25 Years' Experience in Sports Information Management

Learn more about LBi Dynasty here.