Business Objects Application Framework —
Pulling It All Together

LBi's efficient and adaptable Business Objects Application Framework combines functions from diverse offerings of Business Objects into a single package, accessible via Web applications, to provide BI tools to end users.

Through our technical expertise and HR business knowledge, we have developed a framework that encapsulates many of the most powerful and often-used features of business objects.

Key benefits of the Business Objects Application Framework include:

  • Quick and easy access to SDK (software development kit) features that are most commonly needed in integrating a Web application with Business Objects.
  • Building on existing Business Objects SDKs, allowing us to use the framework to rapidly deliver Business Objects solutions without reinventing the wheel for each new application.

Powerful, Flexible and Effective Features

Direct Access to the Business Objects - Users are automatically connected to Business Objects behind the scenes when they enter the Web application. Access to the Business Objects session is required to perform virtually any operation.

Custom Reporting - Users can generate Web Intelligence reports directly from application code by exposing the key pieces of the Business Objects SDK. Developers can create rich and highly dynamic reports, without needing to create pre-defined templates. Instead, reports can be driven off of user input at the report's runtime.

Access to Business Objects Universes - Web developers can access the Business Objects data model and provide end users with powerful tools, such as ad hoc reporting and dynamic querying. This level of access to the Business Objects universe gives your regular users the ability to run complex queries without needing to understand the complexity that lies behind the scenes.

Scheduling and Publishing - Users can schedule reports to run at determined intervals and parameters. Publishing automatically delivers these reports to selected recipients.

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LBi Business Objects Framework