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Transform disparate data into actionable insights
Consolidate disparate data sources from all formats to surface critical insights for faster, better decisions.
Bridge complexity and usability
Solve complex challenges with incredibly easy-to-use, intuitive platforms that enable your team to perform better.
Eliminate business interruption
Better data privacy and data security ensures your business-critical data is always accessible, accurate, and safe.
Modernize outdated legacy systems
Enhance performance, security, and scalability, while preserving the valuable data and processes that are the backbone of your organization.
Streamline critical operations
Leverage innovative technology to automate and eliminate manual legacy processes and complicated tasks.
Gain control with proprietary solutions that scale
Maintain tighter control over your data and business operations with flexible, customizable systems designed to scale with your business.
  • Logistics
    Streamline logistics and operations with custom software solutions that seamlessly integrate inventory, transportation, order fulfillment, warehouse management, and more. LBi helps organizations build and integrate software to manage the entire supply chain - from initial manufacturer orders and inventory oversight to real-time shipment tracking and distribution.
  • Insurance
    Drive operational agility and modernize your enterprise for scale with custom-built InsurTech solutions. From underwriting to claims, adapting to policy changes and regulations, to automating and streamlining legacy processes, LBi works with insurance organizations to gain efficiencies and drive value faster.
  • Healthcare
    Improve patient care, enhance productivity and efficiency for health professionals, and streamline administration and operations. LBi enables our healthcare partners to modernize systems and processes - from the clinic to operational management - to succeed in the modern healthcare landscape.

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  • Protoyping
  • Iterative Development
  • Internal QA
Interview the people who will be using the software and thoroughly digest your existing documentation, specifications, and rule books. Start with the core problem that must be solved by the product before beginning development.

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