Custom Dashboards —
Visualized Data, Efficiently Rendered

LBi helps clients do even more with their BI data - and do it more efficiently - through customized, informative and interactive dashboards that graphically present information in an entirely new way.

Benefits of a custom BI dashboard from LBi include:

  • Giving management easy access to the tools it needs to analyze patterns and identify trends.
  • Integrating familiar graphic presentations (e.g., pie charts, bar charts and line graphs) that will provide new insight into existing data.
  • Designing a solution without needing to first buy an expensive BI package, such as Business Objects or Cognos. LBi can develop an inexpensive custom dashboard using your existing databases.

Here is an example of a custom dashboard from our LBi HR HelpDesk application:

LBi HR HelpDesk Manager Dashboard

Close Window LBi HR HelpDesk Manager Dashboard

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