A Client-focused, Expertise-rich Approach to Development

Every project we undertake is built around a belief in design adaptability, project agility, and personalized service that larger competitors are unable to deliver.

Working With You

  1. Learning your business, up close and personal

    We interview the people who will use the application, and we review and thoroughly digest your existing documentation, specifications, and rule books.

  2. Gathering all necessary design requirements firsthand

    We meet with the application users to uncover and fully understand their application requirements.

  3. Creating an initial design document, listening to feedback, and responding

    We produce an initial design document and then continuously circle back with the application’s eventual users.

  4. Wireframes

    Wireframes are included with the initial design documentation and are tested among potential users to determine if it does what they need it to do. We watch, measure, and listen.

  5. Agile development

    Users remain engaged in the project as they receive frequent deliveries and see the iterative progress of the application.

  6. User testing

    We thoroughly test the system with the users to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


We Offer Long-term, Consultative Relationships

Many of our client relationships have lasted north of 10 years. We become legitimate partners. We know the model of the bigger companies in the industry is to come in for a year or so, knock out some big projects, and move on to the next client. We don’t do that. We build long-term relationships with our people, which is buoyed by the fact that many of our employees have been here over a decade. The consistency drives the output.

Success Stories From Our Approach

ASPCA spreadsheets were updated monthly via a series of manual copy/paste operations from output retrieved from a third-party survey website. Updating, analysis, and reporting were becoming a large challenge. LBi came in to help. What did we do, and how successful were we in the name of animal well-being? Very. To understand the full process, check out our case study.

Interested in Learning More?

We’d be happy to talk more about our approach to client work and the overall experience of partnering with us.