LBi HR HelpDesk - Empowering the Employee, Enhancing HR

LBi HR HelpDesk is an innovative and comprehensive software solution for automated HR case management and call-tracking workflow management that puts the power in the hands of employees and decreases HR costs by reducing help calls by up to 75 percent.

  • Complements talent management solutions by identifying potentially costly patterns of personnel issues with customizable levels of confidentiality
  • Maximizes HR productivity through robust features that improve employee satisfaction and mitigate risk

Feature List

Unlimited Employees and Users

HR HelpDesk supports any amount of employees as well as any amount of system users (administrators, CSRs, SMEs, and managers).

Issue Resolution Workflow in the Cloud

Policy-based issue resolution: quick and efficient, decreasing HR costs by reducing help calls by up to 75 percent.

Case Confidentiality

Take advantage of multiple settings for privacy and confidentiality, including four different view settings.

Mobile Browser Compatibility

The application is compatible with all mobile and tablet devices; check your cases on the road!

Employee Interactions and Notifications via Email

Email LBi HR HelpDesk to open a case; notify employees via email that their questions have been answered.

Automatic Escalations

The system streamlines customer service by automatically assigning and escalating cases with color coded priorities for added visualization.

User-defined Tasks

Associate a task list with each case; create custom workflow tasks on the fly or by pre-defining them based on the type of case.

Advanced Search and Query

Search for any case or set of cases based on any field, including text fields, or by any combination of fields (employee name, date range, assigned user, case category, problem or resolution, location, status, and more).

Linking Multiple Cases

Link associated cases together.

Attach Files to Cases

Employee or CSR can electronically attach documents to a case.

Support Level

Our size, passion, expertise, and leadership allow us to provide greater flexibility, more meaningful client responsiveness, and more authentic customer attention than any other provider.

Employee Self-service Portal

Employees can directly access a knowledge base of commonly asked questions, putting important information at their fingertips, reducing phone calls and emails to HR, and increasing employee engagement.

FAQ Knowledge Base

Import your existing FAQ database or create and continuously update one on the fly.

Instructional Videos and Product User Guides

Receive real-time insight about our product with easy-to-use videos and guides.

Real-time Case History

Complete audit trails of all cases; track every change to a case by date, time, and who made the change.

Analytical Reporting and Export Tool

Flexible reports with detailed analytics and metrics; export an entire report or selected fields to Excel or other formats in one click.

Employee Interactions via Social Collaboration Tool

Dialogues can be tracked between anyone who touched a case or has been contacted to help resolve it; a full picture of all communications related to each case is available at a glance.

Executive Dashboard

Benefit from comprehensive analytics and one-click ability to drill down to the underlying data.

Employee Feedback Survey

Create custom surveys for your employees and reports from the results.

Ad Hoc Reporting and Scheduling

Create, name, and save customized ad hoc reports; select from dozens of criteria for fields; schedule reports to run and send automatically.

Document Repository

Store all of your original HR documents in a Windows Explorer-style view for easy search and retrieval.

Customizable Aging Utility

Track cases by the day or hour; tailor reports to account for holidays, weekends, etc.

Single Sign-on (SSO) Support

LBi HR HelpDesk integrates with all types of Single Sign-on.

Corporate Branding

Brand to your company logo and screen colors.

Real-time HR/ERP Integration

LBi HR HelpDesk integrates with all major HR systems of record.

Seamless Enterprise Email Integration

LBi HR HelpDesk integrates with your corporate email server.

Customizable Workflow

Customize the application to your exact needs.

Employee Social Media Reporting

Monitor when your company is discussed by employees on a public social media platform - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Wiki Knowledge Base

Store the text of all of your corporate HR documentation - indexed and categorized for easy search and retrieval.

Advanced Document Management

LBi HR HelpDesk fully integrates with Perceptive and SharePoint. LBi has partnerships with Perceptive and Microsoft.

Optional On-premise Hosting/Licensing

For organizations with the staff and expertise to fully manage the LBi HR HelpDesk infrastructure in their own environment, our on-premise license offers the option to internally manage our solution.

Optional Hosting on Dedicated Physical Server

For maximum security each client deployment includes a separate instance of the LBi HR HelpDesk application, database, operating system, and Web server; no other client data or business application resides on your server.

Optional Two Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your solution as with our two factor authentication.

Multiple-language Support

All languages are supported.

HR HelpDesk Built for HR by People Who Understand HR

Our HR Case Management Software is built on a wealth of experience in human resource management and deep understanding of HR business processes and technologies.

  • A rich and powerful knowledge base that's created on the fly
  • A unique tiered pricing structure that appeals to organizations of any size
  • Unrivaled project dedication and customer service
  • Unmatched HR self-service features for employees
  • Highly configurable Case Management for Human Resources
  • Hosted on a highly secure server
  • Editions for businesses with as few as 50 employees or more than 50,000
  • Supported by rich experience and expertise in Responsive Design, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Reporting, and Analytics

The Business Case for Automated HR Case Management

Businesses that empower their HR teams and employees with an automated HR case management system can benefit from lower HR costs and increases in efficiency.

The business case is especially strong for organizations that choose a cloud-based solution such as LBi HR HelpDesk that is configurable and can offer the right amount of features for their unique needs and size.

Case Management: The Backbone of Excellence in HR Service Delivery
This new white paper explains why solutions originally intended for IT or customer service fall far short of meeting HR's needs today – and why an HR-dedicated system can empower HR to:

  1. Resolve employee inquiries faster
  2. Support strategic initiatives
  3. Boost employee engagement
  4. Burnish the employer and market brands

Empowering Employees, Complementing Talent Management Solutions, Maximizing HR Productivity
Employees today are demanding more than ever from HR, putting more pressure on employee call centers. Here's how LBi HR HelpDesk answers that challenge.

Heightened Employee Engagement: Hidden Gold in an Automated HR Help Desk
Learn five key benefits of a fully featured HR case management solution that can help your organization drive and measure employee engagement, to improve performance and boost productivity.

Client Success Stories

"We implemented the LBi HR HelpDesk in a large organization with users in 50 states and several countries. Employees were able to utilize the product with no training and had seamless interactions with the online product right from the start. Administration of the system was very simple, easy to navigate, and easy to understand. The LBi team was professional, timely, and experts in understanding our needs and system requirements. Great experience with the product and the company."

— Erin Quinn, Former Manager of Employee Service Center at General Dynamics Shared Resources Inc.

"Our organization was moving from a regional approach to a global way of working. To support this approach, we chose LBi HR HelpDesk. The simplicity of the application makes it easy for our HR staff to process cases, and the employee portal is well organized and easy for our employees to use. The practical presentation of information in the main application is one of the reasons we chose LBi."

— Sabine van de Loo, HR Program Manager, Shared Services, International Baccalaureate Organization

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SaaS in the Cloud — LBi HR HelpDesk is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Your IT staff is freed from needing to buy and maintain expensive computer hardware and software. SaaS from LBi provides nightly backups, full firewall protection, 99.9 percent guaranteed uptime, and a proven disaster recovery plan.

LBi HR HelpDesk can be hosted in the cloud, on a dedicated server or on-premise:

  • A Cloud Computing Environment gives maximum performance at the lowest possible cost. It is highly secure with optional two factor authentication and SAS 70 Type II/SSAE 16 Type II compliant, with high-speed connections to physical servers to ensure that performance scales to meet your business demands.
  • LBi HR HelpDesk is also available in either on premise or a Dedicated Server Environment, in which your LBi system is hosted on a dedicated server in a SAS 70 Type II/SSAE 16 Type II compliant and secure hosting facility. Each client deployment in a Dedicated Server Environment includes a separate instance of the LBi HR HelpDesk application, database, operating system, and Web server. Our Dedicated Server Environment option provides the utmost in performance and security.

Technology — Our Human Resource Case Management Software is a 100 percent Web-based JAVA application. Other technology features include:

  • Compatibility with all browsers
  • No need to install controls (Flash, ActiveX, Silverlight, Java Applets, etc.)
  • A mobile version for iOS, Android native browsers
  • Platform-independent architecture
  • Ability to integrate with myriad ERPs, PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, Infor, JD Edwards, and in-house HCM solutions
  • Integration with Single Sign-on (SSO) or existing portal environments
  • Email Integration
  • IVR and speech integration
  • Google Translate capabilities for over 99 languages

Security — LBi HR HelpDesk offers an audit trail for every case, including all related documents and communications. It also has the level of security to ensure privacy and confidentiality in the HR environment. Other security features of LBi HR HelpDesk include:

  • Configurable security access
  • Complete audit trails of all cases
  • Integration with Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Optional two factor authentication
  • Ability to track all interactions with employees
  • Multiple priority levels
  • Case visibility settings (i.e., confidential cases)

Read our blog post on HR help desk security.

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HR Employee Self-service — The LBi HR HelpDesk Employee Self-service Portal frees HR and empowers employees. In fact, in an increasingly online world, HR employee self-service can help create and heighten employee engagement by allowing employees to:

  • View a history of their cases
  • Create new cases directly through the Web or by emailing the LBi HR HelpDesk system

Employees can also directly access a knowledge base of commonly asked questions. With LBi HR HelpDesk, system administrators can easily create an online help guide for all employees in a wiki format that is searchable and indexed, creating an integrated, context-sensitive help system and seamless integration with existing corporate documentation.

Other features of the LBi HR HelpDesk Employee Self-service Portal include:

  • Detailed and real-time case histories
  • New-case entry
  • FAQ of common problems
  • Access from any device with an Internet browser - desktop, smart phone, or tablet
  • Ability to respond to custom surveys, allowing HR to capture key feedback
  • Wiki knowledge base
  • Instructional videos

Read our Brochure or Fact Sheet for more details on LBi HR HelpDesk can transform your organization today.

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