LBi Software announced today the next release of LBi HR HelpDesk, its HR case management and knowledgebase solution. LBi HR HelpDesk empowers CSRs to easily enter information about employee calls and efficiently track issues to completion. The latest release includes several new features and can now be hosted in the Cloud.

The new features include a Manager Dashboard, Wiki Knowledgebase, Feedback Survey, and Task List.

  • Manager Dashboard
    • "At a glance" view of nine crucial system metrics
    • Quickly see important data such as open case counts, throughput, and case resolution time
    • Launch detailed reports directly from dashboard to "drill" into target data
  • Wiki Knowledgebase
    • Convert existing paper documentation into indexed and searchable electronic format
    • Convert Employee Handbooks, Benefit Guides, etc.
    • Easily accessible by employees and CSRs
    • Information is filtered so employee sees only information relevant to them
  • Employee Feedback Survey
    • Configure up to 10 questions with up to 5 answers each
    • Collect feedback on employee satisfaction
    • Management reports to analyze employee responses and improve employee/help desk interaction
  • Task List
    • Associate tasks with a case in "To-Do" list fashion
    • Mark completed tasks as finished as necessary steps are taken

In addition, LBi HR HelpDesk can now be delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Our SaaS option frees your IT staff from the burden of purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware and software. SaaS from LBi provides nightly backups, full firewall protection, 99.99% guaranteed uptime, a proven disaster recovery plan, and is offered with two options:

  • Dedicated Server Environment
    Your system is hosted on a dedicated server in a SAS 70 Type II compliant secure hosting facility. Each client deployment includes a separate instance of the LBi HR HelpDesk application, database, operating system and web server. No other client data or business application resides on your server. Our Dedicated Server option provides the utmost in performance and security.

  • Cloud Computing Environment
    For maximum performance at the lowest possible cost, select LBi's Cloud Computing option. Highly secure and SAS 70 Type II compliant, high-speed connections to physical servers ensure that performance scales to meet your business demands.