LBi HR HelpDesk allows you to control how cases are aged throughout the system.

Case Aging is a feature within LBi HR HelpDesk that determines how long an issue has been Open and awaiting a resolution. Based on an SLA or company policy, thresholds can be set for particular categories and subcategories to define the time period after which a case is flagged as Overdue. Cases flagged with this status will be escalated to management and notification alerts distributed.

Administrators can now use the Manage Aging Utility to apply company specific business rules, hours and holidays to the case aging calculation process. This provides a clear and accurate view into the point when cases are truly considered Overdue and the timeliness by which cases are resolved.

LBi HR HelpDesk Utilities Menu

Case aging values can be measured in either Days or Hours. This is a global setting that will display on all applicable screens and reports. If the Aging Units are set to Hours, LBi HR HelpDesk allows you to specify the working hours for your company so only those hours will be counted in the aging calculation process.

LBi HR HelpDesk Manage Aging Utility

Weekends may or may not be included in the case aging calculation. If the setting Age Cases on Weekends is set to No, then Saturdays and Sundays will be excluded.

LBi HR HelpDesk Manage Aging Utility

Company Holidays can be specified in the LBi HR HelpDesk Manage Aging Utility. The Holiday Dates (Days/Hours) will be excluded during the aging calculation process.

LBi HR HelpDesk Manage Aging Utility

As part of the Year End Process, include the setup of the Holidays for the upcoming year. Holiday Dates can be entered in advance so this task will not be required each month.

The enhanced options for the Aging Utility now available in LBi HR HelpDesk Version 5.0 certainly allow for the flexibility needed to accommodate a variety of business working hours and preferences for case aging.

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