LBi has been invited to attend the first-ever Athletes Unlimited and Sports Innovation Lab MidSummer Softball Classic. It will be held at Parkway Bank Sports Complex in Rosemont, Illinois on August 18th. Athletes Unlimited has teamed up with the Sports Innovation Lab to invite partners and friends for a fun evening of competition, food, and fun.

Additionally, Friday August 19th, LBi will be attending the Athletes Unlimited and Underdog Venture Team, Innovation Collective Partners Event. The Innovation Collective exists to bring cutting-edge advancements in sport performance, recovery, and training products to ensure that Athletes Unlimited athletes are competing at the highest level, and to enhance the fan experience through broadcast and multimedia technologies. This event will strive to highlight key founders in the industry, allowing them to share key insights and stories, as well as create new business opportunities for attendees, founders, and Athletes Unlimited Softball players.

About Athletes Unlimited

Athletes Unlimited is a new model of pro sports where athletes are decision-makers and individual players are champions of team sports. We literally change the game with faster play, and a new draft and team rosters every week, delivering next-level competition and engagement in which every moment counts. With women's softball, volleyball, lacrosse, and basketball as part of the roster, Athletes Unlimited will build the next generation of both athletes and fans.