Reporting and Analytics —
Turning Data Into Meaningful Reports

LBi has the business knowledge, agility and technical skills to give users virtually unlimited access to the data their system collects - far beyond the canned reports the system came with.

Your company is probably using one or more software applications to continually capture data about your business operations. And these applications probably have a reporting component with some pre-designed reports.

But what happens when a user wants more - when the canned reports aren't good enough?

LBi can craft the reporting solutions that give users virtually unlimited access to the data that their applications are collecting.

Example: Ad-hoc Reporting
Ad-hoc Reporting is among the most frequently requested BI items. LBi can deliver an Ad-Hoc Reporting tool that enables users to create their own queries against the available data.

The result: All users, from raw beginners to advanced power users, can query for virtually any data they like, manipulate and analyze the data, and create their own professional-looking reports.

We can also deliver powerful analytical tools, such as custom BI dashboards. End users get a simple and intuitive way to create complex queries, with a layer built on top of the Ad-hoc Reporting engine. This gives even more users the ability to design custom queries.

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