LBi Business Intelligence —
Better Decisions Through Meaningful Data

LBi's rich experience and broad expertise in business intelligence (BI) gives our clients a picture of their data they never had before. As a result, our clients can make better business decisions through improved data access and analysis.

From conversions and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) to analytical reporting and overall BI strategy, LBi applies its knowledge, agility, team approach and client-centric process to BI planning and implementation.

  • We can assist you in building a BI infrastructure from the ground up, starting with an analysis of your organization's business and technical goals and evolving through strategy and planning sessions with your team.
  • Together, we design a BI strategy and solution that makes sense for your unique needs. We can even design a custom BI solution built using our Business Objects Application Framework.
  • We can help you put that plan into action. Whether it's ETL, creating data warehouses, or implementing reporting and analytics tools, LBi will make sure you have the right pieces in place to support access and analyze your data to improve your business.

BI Strategy and Planning
Knowing where to begin to make the best use of BI technologies is often the hardest step in the process. LBi has years of experience helping clients plan their unique BI strategies.

ETL and Data Warehousing
Sometimes an existing database structure is simply not suited to efficiently run complex BI queries. LBi's ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) takes care of that challenge.

Reporting and Analytics
LBi has the business knowledge, agility and technical skills to give users virtually unlimited access to the data their system collects - far beyond the canned reports the system came with.

Custom Dashboards
LBi helps clients do even more with their BI data - and do it more efficiently - through customized, informative and interactive dashboards that graphically present information in an entirely new way.

Business Objects Application Framework
LBi's efficient and adaptable Business Objects Application Framework combines functions from the diverse offerings of Business Objects into a single package, accessible via Web applications, to provide BI tools to end users.

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