HR Business Intelligence for Organizations of All Sizes

Improved HR data and HR analytics tools allow you to make better decisions about your employees — and the overall business.


How Our HR Business Intelligence Solution Works

We work together to design a business intelligence strategy around:

  • Business needs
  • Technical needs
  • Year-to-year goals

We then build a business intelligence infrastructure from the ground-up, including the potential of a custom HR business intelligence solution.

Our HR Analytics Software Features

HR isn’t always thought of as the most data-driven department, but with the right tools and the right partner, that can easily change — and data can become a strategic advantage for you.


ETL and data warehousing

Sometimes an existing database structure is simply not suited to efficiently run complex HR business intelligence queries. LBi's ETL (extract-transform-load) takes care of that challenge.

Reporting and analytics

Bigger, off-the-shelf software tends to offer canned employee data and HR data. You need virtually unlimited access into what’s in your system. We provide that.

Custom dashboards

LBi helps clients do even more with their business intelligence data — and do it more efficiently — through customized, informative, and interactive dashboards that graphically present information in entirely new ways.

Business objects application framework

This is the backbone of our custom design process for HR business intelligence. It combines functions from the diverse offerings of Business Objects into a single package, accessible via web applications, to provide BI tools to end users.

The “Datafication” of Human Resources

When you’re driven by human capital analytics, what can you accomplish? Where’s the power in data-driven HR?

We organized perspectives from top human resources thought leaders into our paper “The Power of HR Technology in the Quantified Organization.” See for yourself where exactly the power of HR data lies.

Interested in Learning More?

We’d be happy to offer you a demo of our HR Business Intelligence solution.