Our Custom Software Development Approach — Client-focused, Expertise-rich

Every project is built around a belief in design adaptability, project agility, and personalized service that larger competitors are unable to deliver simply because they're not built the way we are. It's how we approach custom software development. Period.

We know from our experience with clients across myriad industries, who have had diverse needs, that the most optimal results come when we engage the application's ultimate user from the beginning of the planning stages and keep them involved all the way through implementation and follow-up.

It's a client-centric approach that larger providers can't offer. Because we're smaller and more flexible, we can apply this method efficiently and seamlessly.

The approach outlined here takes you step by step through an LBi project for an enterprise-level custom application. It gives us every step we need for any project, regardless of its scope or complexity. Our client-focused process and technical expertise allow us to choose the right steps to achieve the optimal outcome for a specific project.

We begin by sitting with the users at the kickoff meeting. Our users are often surprised that the first meeting happens within the first five days of the project's start. They also are impressed with how quickly they get to know our faces. And we continue that level of engagement throughout the project.

We engage with our client and the people who will use the application by:

  • Learning your business, up close and personal.
    We interview the people who will use the application, and we review and thoroughly digest your existing documentation, specifications and rule books.

  • Gathering all necessary design requirements firsthand.
    We meet with the application users to uncover and fully understand their application requirements.

  • Creating an initial design document, listening to feedback and responding.
    We produce an initial design document and then continuously circle back with the application's eventual users. We communicate one on one and in group settings to get the best information about what needs to be modified and why. This becomes the framework for the eventual development effort.

  • Wireframes.
    Wireframes are included with the initial design documentation and are tested among potential users to determine if it does what they need it to do. We watch, measure and listen — and then we respond by making the necessary refinements quickly and efficiently.

  • Agile Development.
    Our agile software development methodology is constantly focused on the user. Users remain engaged in the project as they receive frequent deliveries and see the iterative progress of the application.

  • User testing.
    We thoroughly test the system with the users to make sure nothing falls through the cracks

LBi Core Approach to Custom Development

LBi also knows that a project is not complete just because the design has been developed and tested. Our team delivers superior training and support to ensure the application's success:

  • Training guide
  • Tutorial videos
  • FAQ Knowledge Base
  • System documentation
  • Detailed help screens
  • On-site training sessions

How You Benefit From Our User-centric Approach

  • The people who will actually use the application engage and participate in its development throughout the project life cycle.
  • The development cycle is shortened, because users can see the product earlier in the process and affect changes to it before implementation.
  • All screens of the application can be reviewed before the application is even tested, increasing project efficiency and ensuring greater user adaptability.
  • Early user feedback is encouraged and acted upon.