Custom Development —
Adaptability, Versatility, Focus

We know the frustration and expense of buying off-the-shelf software only to discover later that it does not meet your company's unique needs. LBi has decades of experience designing custom applications when an off-the-shelf product is simply insufficient.

It's a client-centric approach that larger providers can't offer. Because we're smaller and more flexible, we can apply this method efficiently and seamlessly.

Just like the approach we follow with our LBi HR HelpDesk solution, when we provide custom development, we work directly with each client and their end users to design a solution that will satisfy their requirements.

We also offer a variety of hosting options, giving our clients the ability to choose what works best for them.

Application Development

Because LBi is platform-independent, we can build a solution that will run easily and capably in any environment – across all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer), on all devices (iOS/Android) or on any Operating System as a stand-alone application (Windows, UNIX, Linux, Solaris or iSeries). We also work to make application development as easy and seamless as possible by using Continuous Delivery. This allows us to build the application with the single click of a button – making it ready to deploy to a development, testing or production environment in quick fashion.

Web Development

Being able to offer Web development that meets every client's unique needs demands us to be adaptable and flexible from the start.

Along with that innate flexibility, we have extensive expertise with both open-source and commercial application servers and database platforms.

  • We offer cost-effective solutions that run on Apache Tomcat or JBoss. We can also incorporate an application into an existing infrastructure using IBM WebSphere or Oracle WebLogic.
  • For clients that utilize .NET technologies – LBi can create Web Applications built using the most recent .NET Framework
  • LBi has utilized all major databases:
    • Relational DBs include MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and PostgreSQL
    • Big Data/NoSQL solutions include Apache Spark, MongoDB and Hadoop
  • We build Web Applications utilizing a current JavaScript Framework that promotes structured web development and allows for a fully responsive design

We separate the logic and processing among front-end display, data storage and business-logic processing, sometimes referred to as MVC (Model View Controller). This methodology is what resulted in the development of the LBi Custom Web Application Framework.

Unlike large service providers with layers of bureaucracy and a fractured focus, LBi works directly with you. We get inside your business and your markets. We are recognized for the personalized attention we give every client. This is how we can develop applications and solutions that will not only work best but will work best for your unique enterprise. See our case study – a custom application for ASPCA.

Mobile Development

Whether it is designing a web page to work on all mobile devices using responsive design, or designing native applications that can run on either iOS or Android devices, LBi can help tailor an application that is suited to the mobile needs of each client.


LBi offers the following set of hosting options, to accommodate a wide array of client needs –

  • For those clients who want to host the software themselves, LBI will help deliver and install the application
  • If you want LBi to handle hosting, we can set up your application in the cloud using AWS (Amazon Web Services), specifically Amazon's EC2 Private Cloud Single Tenant
  • For those clients who are security sensitive, we also offer dedicated server hosting via RackSpace

Read more about our customer-focused approach and its advantages here.