Advanced Reporting in HR HelpDesk

The best HR Help Desk systems also do an excellent job of collecting the data HR needs to track trends, see HR’s performance impact on the organization, expose problems and more. With a wide array of reports, HR can really control reporting and analytics.  

LBi HR HelpDesk provides a variety of standard and customizable reports that HR can use to improve their operations. Whether users run the standard reports, customize criteria, or extract specific data points to use in external analytics systems such as Excel, Crystal, Business Objects or others, LBi HR HelpDesk presents the data that lets HR get the most out of their systems.

For the average user, the LBi HR HelpDesk standard report templates provide all of the core reporting that most organizations need. The more advanced users can use the LBi HR HelpDesk reporting tool to adjust criteria with over a dozen fields and save these custom reports for the future. Lastly, the data extraction tool is user-friendly and non-technical, almost any HR user has the tools to perform complex analytics. Just open a template, select the fields you need from the dialog box, save it as an Excel worksheet, and you are ready to manipulate the data as you desire.

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LBi Dynasty at the 2020 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Last week, LBi Dynasty attended the 14th annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference  (MIT SSAC) in Boston.  The conference brings together leading figures in sports management, analytics, and technology to explore data and how to share it. This year’s theme was “Run the Numbers”, emphasizing the use of analytics and information in all team-building and business decisions. Running the numbers empowers teams and organizations to generate meaningful insights, navigate uncertainty, and compete effectively.

There were many great presentations, but two of our favorites were  Rushing to Analytics: Hockey’s Ability to Predict and Project Talent and Introducing a New Model of Pro Team Sports: Athletes Unlimited.  All the presentations can be viewed here.