Employees Are a Company’s Most Valuable Asset

valuable asset is employees

The following post first appeared in 2013.

Talk about a valuable asset — Recently I closed one of the biggest contracts of my career. The last key piece that sold it was “our employees”. During one of the sales meetings the prospects’ CFO said something profound – “after all, it is not so much about choosing company A over company B as much as it is being comfortable with the people from company A”.  The CFO liked the team that presented the solution but he wanted to be assured that the team that would execute it was just as good.  So I sent him the name and bio of every person who would be assigned to the project.  We then followed that up with an in-person presentation of all the team members. The next day we got the contract.

It seems so obvious yet we always seem to forget it.  Our most valued asset is our employees. So, why are companies always looking to cut on Health and Retirement costs — the very items that motivate their employees? Why does it seem that investments in HR are hard to come by? HR, after all, is responsible for recruiting and cultivating our employees. It should be the most important piece of the organization. I read many articles about how “HR is becoming a strategic piece of the organization”; in what universe would it not be?

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Sierra-Cedar 2019-2020 HR Systems Survey

HR Systems Survey HR trends

The 22nd Annual Edition of the Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey is now available. This is arguably the most comprehensive survey for HR users, covering nearly all aspects of HR solutions, from the traditional integrated HR/ERP systems to the latest emerging technologies and innovations.

In partnership with Sierra-Cedar, LBi Software invites you to participate in the 2019-2020 survey. It is now available at www.Sierra-Cedar.com/hrssv45 until June 10, 2019. Please note, all responses are confidential and only used in aggregate results.

Some important topics covered in this year’s survey include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategy, process, and structure
  • Adoption of all HR Technology applications
  • HR Analytics and workforce planning
  • Deployment roadmaps, resourcing and budgeting
  • Implementation, maintenance, and integration
  • Emerging and innovative technology

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete, but in return you will be presented with invaluable insight into business trends, adoption of HR software solutions, top issues and challenges, and much more. This survey also helps vendors like LBi provide the first-class technology solutions that you expect.

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