LBi Software Celebrates 40 Years!

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LBi Software celebrated its 40th anniversary with a dinner cruise on the Great South Bay. Employees and their guests started their cruise with a great sunset view and then spent the evening dining and dancing. 

LBi was founded in 1982 by Larry Beck in a small office in Hicksville, NY with only a handful of employees. As we expanded, we first moved to larger offices in Woodbury and finally purchased our own building and moved to Melville in 2017.

We are thankful for our employees whose dedication and diligence is directly responsible for LBi’s success and longevity and we look forward to celebrating many more milestones!

Behind the Scenes of HR HelpDesk’s New AI Features

Helpdesk Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have become key components in helpdesk software.  One of the biggest benefits of AI for helpdesks is that it can help eliminate repetitive administrative tasks. Ticket request routing and knowledge management are two categories of AI features that are part of helpdesks today. LBi’s HR HelpDesk is no exception.

AI is an important tool for the Employee Self-Service Portal of HR HelpDesk. It’s used for searching FAQs and for classification of newly entered Questions.

HR HelpDesk uses two machine learning models, one for each task:

  1. Suggesting an FAQ related to the user’s inquiry
  2. Classifying an inquiry into one of the existing categories

FAQ Suggestions

The learning process begins with data collection. The results produced for an FAQ Suggestion are only as good as the data that comes in. The model is “trained” on the text in the FAQ as soon as the FAQ is created to be able to offer suggestions to the user. Over time, data is gathered on the inquiries that were answered by the FAQ. This additional data allows the model to “learn”, improving the ability for the model to match different wordings of the same FAQ inquiry and to filter out irrelevant FAQs.

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