3 Things That Are Killing Your HR Team’s Efficiency

HR Efficiency

The role of Human Resources has evolved — once marked by administrative and day-to-day people management, modern HR now occupies a more strategic position serving to support long-term business goals.

At least, that’s the mission; in practice, many HR teams are struggling to function this way. According to EY, a staggering 86% of HR professionals’ time is spent on administrative work.

In this post I talk about three major things that are killing HR efficiency, and how to tackle them so your team can spend less time on administration and more on strategic work that drives business value.

1. Information “Rework”

A majority of the administrative work mentioned above involves HR professionals tracking down information and fielding questions. Often, these are the same questions with the same answers — asked by different employees. In mid-to-large size organizations, where many employees are asking these questions to many HR people, this could mean thousands of hours spent finding and communicating simple information.

Most of these questions don’t (or shouldn’t) merit direct HR attention. Things like checking vacation or accessing benefits information are better managed via centralization and automation.

HR leaders should focus on leveraging technology to make information easily available to employees through self-serve platforms that streamline information access and remove unnecessary human intervention.

2. The “Patchwork of Platforms”

I’ve talked before about HR’s patchwork problem. We have so many processes, tools, platforms and vendors that often serve a specific purpose but fail to work together seamlessly. What we’re left with is a “patchwork” that creates information silos and makes everyone’s life difficult:

What’s the solution to this patchwork? In simple terms, centralization. HR leaders can focus on making disparate systems and processes better integrated to reduce the time spent (and degree of difficulty) navigating the patchwork. This is one of the main reasons why we created LBi’s HR HelpDesk — to provide an intuitive tool that layers on top of existing systems and centralizes disparate HR functions into one easy-to-use interface.

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Baseball Draft Time!

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Apps and Analytics for Better Decisions

It’s that time of the year again! The MLB Rule 4 Amateur Player Draft is around the corner. It is scheduled to start on Sunday, July 11, 2021. I would like to take the time to spotlight some of the most useful features.

The LBi Dynasty Rule 4 Draft Application is our flagship baseball product. The draft app will consolidate years’ worth of scouting and analytics data into one place to help plan for and execute the best draft possible. It has become a pivotal tool for our MLB clients.

Day 0 – Seamless Migration

I cannot emphasize enough how EASY it is to get started using our Draft Application! All we need is an extract of your expected player population. We migrate ALL your data! We set up extract/transform/load (ETL) procedures to transfer your data into our application on a regular basis. This means you can continue to use your existing scouting application while the important aspects will be synced into your personal draft application.

Day 1 – Complete Customization

After your players are in your new application it is time for the fun part, customization! Your scouting and analytics teams have been working hard to gather statistics, evaluation grades, notes, and model grades for the upcoming draft – how do you want your virtual draft magnet to look?

Once again, we make this process as EASY as can be. You can provide your own draft magnets! This will determine what is displayed in your application. Our designers will provide mockups for your review. We will iterate on them until we get them just right.

We have 15+ years of baseball analytics expertise. We can migrate your data and display it in your app in a uniform fashion. Your draft application will be consistent with the look and feel of your other applications.

Day 2 – Detailed Planning

All your players and data are in your Draft Application! It’s time to start planning. We have facilitated many different ways for you to prepare for your draft. We have insight into how the BEST prepare for the draft.

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