Do You Really Need to Issue an RFP?

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RFP for Case Management

Before starting down the path of developing an RFP, it’s crucial to understand the ultimate goal of the journey. Not all RFPs are released with the objective of finding the best and most robust HR case management solution for a company’s needs. Other business goals for an RFP include:

  • Finding the lowest-cost solution to meet the most nominal requirements
  • Surveying the marketplace and gathering information for a future purchase
  • Collecting ideas and information for building a system in-house

If the above is your reason for considering the RFP process, then please don’t.

Obviously, the ultimate use of the RFP will drive its level of detail and the areas it will investigate. Still, every RFP should guide you to making a final decision that will be based on three key criteria of functionality, supportability and value:

  1. Functionality: Does the solution meet or exceed your business requirements? Does the system meet your functional needs? Is the system flexible enough to meet your current and future business requirements?
  2. Supportability: Does the vendor or provider have a proven track record of quality service that meets the standards you require? If the solution you choose meets your functional needs but doesn’t have the level of vendor support you require, it will be fraught with potential pitfalls at best and be useless at worst. This is often the case when the solution is a merger or integration of components from various vendors.
  3. Value: Does the system give you the expected value for the investment your company is making? The answer may not be as obvious as it seems. Investing in a larger vendor often seems like a good choice, giving you a lot of bang for your buck. But you may instead be paying for features, power and staff that your company will never need. Is that the best value for your investment?

Whether you’re planning to buy an HR case management solution in the next quarter or in the next fiscal year, or whether you are thinking of developing a system in-house, your RFP should tell you if the solution you’re considering addresses those three primary benchmarks.


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