HR Tech Recap: Happy Prize Winners and Kudos for the "New" HR HelpDesk

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HR Tech 2012 was an unmitigated success for LBi Software – from the crowd-pleasing Peel and Reveal game to the hugely positive reaction to HR HelpDesk’s new look and features.

Our top Peel and Reveal winners were amazed at the value of their prizes that included Kindle Fires, Kindles, Apple TVs, iPod Nanos and sets of earphones. Among the other 340 gifts we gave away were brief bags, tech traps, 8GB flash drives and water bottles.

Attendees were just as impressed by the unique value of LBi HR HelpDesk. No wonder, really: Nearly every attendee we spoke with either did not have a case management help desk in place or was using an IT-based solution as an HR help desk. Visitors who said they are using an IT solution were keenly aware of the advantages of LBi HR HelpDesk, particularly its HR-specific workflow and its ability to keep information confidential and secure.

With only two other vendors of HR case management solutions at the show, LBi Software stood out among the crowd. We were delighted that so many interested visitors asked questions about functions of LBi HR HelpDesk that correlated very closely with its new features. This validated that LBi HR HelpDesk is well positioned to become a formidable player in the market.

LBi Software employees and clients were constantly kept in the loop about action at the show through a steady stream of posts via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.