Making HR Technology Real: A Webinar to Deal With Daily HR Life

Let’s face it. HR technology today is so powerful, so robust, and so omnipresent – not to mention so dressed out with bells, whistles, and data-generating gewgaws – that it’s easy to forget what HR’s most important role is every day: solving people problems.lbi-webinar-thumb bigger

We recently published an e-book, Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Applying HR Technology to Solve Real-world Problems, because we’re concerned about what we see as a gap between the promises of HR technology and the everyday reality that HR leaders face at ground zero.

HR professional, author, and speaker Robin Schooling was among those who contributed to Where the Rubber Meets the Road, and we’re excited that she’s continuing the conversation with us. Robin will join LBi President Richard Teed on July 24 for a one-hour webinar, “Leveraging HR Technology to Meet Real-world Challenges.”

We’re equally excited that the webinar will be moderated by HR expert, blogger, and sought-after speaker Laurie Ruettimann (The Cynical Girl), one of the most down-to-earth folks in the HR sphere.

Our point here is that Robin and Laurie are not only able to empathize with the day-in and day-out realities of HR life (and believe us, they’ve been there). They’re also two of the most engaging, perceptive, and articulate people in the HR influencer world. These are people who make HR walk and talk.

Robin is a vice president of HR for a Louisiana-based organization, with more than 20 years of HR management experience in a vast array of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and banking. She created and regularly blogs at, and contributes to the blog sites Women of HR and SHRM’s We Know Next.

Not real enough for you? Robin’s also a self-professed “raving fan” of the New Orleans Saints, shares a home with three “precocious doggies,” and once earned a local “HR Professional of the Year” award.

Laurie meanwhile created Punk Rock HR, The Cynical Girl, and The HR Blogger Network, and co-founded and She has over a decade of HR experience in Fortune 500 organizations, and is a contributing editor for The Conference Board Review and an advisor to SmartBrief.

Laurie’s HR advice has also been published in The New York Times, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, and CFO Magazine, and she’s been recognized as one of the Top 5 career advisors by CareerBuilder and CNN.

So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by HR technology, or wonder what it can do for you today, or just want a reality check from some of the sharpest folks in the game, join us on July 24 for “Leveraging HR Technology to Meet Real-world Challenges.”

  • HR shouldn’t lose a human touch because of the abundance of technology nowadays. If you can’t make technology work for you and help you in your every-day professional tasks then just leave it!

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