The ROI of HR Case Management

HR HelpDesk ROI

Implementing automated HR Case Management/HR Help Desk can save you money. This post will show you how to calculate that savings.

If you have a traditional manual HR call center with no automation you already have efficiencies in handling the incoming queries compared with a traditional HR staffing system. But you still face the challenges of providing accurate and consistent information, as well as the problem of managing the call center and staffing it with HR professionals. The bottom line is that many of the challenges inherent in a manual process tend to remain, while the biggest potential for reducing costs through an automated system are not leveraged.

Upgrading your call center with an automated HR help desk will help you address these problems and lower operating costs.

Whether you have an HR call center or one HR Rep handling inquires, you can estimate the return on investment (ROI) by calculating your current cost per call and running a comparison of that figure against the purchase and operating costs of a Case Management solution like LBi HR HelpDesk.

Step 1: Determine Your Cost per Call or Case:

Your cost per call (or case) is the cost of a call arriving at, and being handled by, your help desk or HR staff member. There are several ways to calculate this. Here, we focus on (1) the basic cost per call and (2) the fully loaded cost per call.

Basic Cost per Call: Calls per Hour ÷ HR Staff Member’s Hourly Wage

Basic cost per call is useful when determining the extra cost associated with handling a nominal number of additional calls. It helps you determine at what level of increased calls you will need additional agents, supervisors and stations. Example: If your agent takes 15 calls per hour and is paid an hourly wage of $15, the cost per call is $1 (15 calls ÷ $15 per hour). To handle an additional 100 calls within your contact center, you will have to pay $100 more.

Fully Loaded Cost per Call: (Annual Operating Cost + Labor) ÷ Total Number of Calls per Year

Annual operating costs take into account facilities, supervisors, managers, benefits, incentives, maintenance, desktop computers, etc. The fully loaded cost per call is useful if you want to compare your efficiencies with those of a third-party contact center. For most contact centers, the metrics to arrive at the budgeted cost per call are based on a fully loaded cost.

Step 2: Determine the Costs of an Automated HR Case Management Solution. Determine your cost for LBi HR HelpDesk based on the size of your organization here.

In organizations that have multiple CSRs and supervisors handling employee HR inquiries, the LBi HR HelpDesk has demonstrated a 100 percent ROI in less than three years. ROI is accelerated in organizations with more than 10,000 employees. For more information on the ROI of automated HR Case Management download this white paper: Making the Case for an Automated HR Help Desk.