Increase the Security of Your Company Data with LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0

HR HelpDesk and Data Security

We created the new LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0 based on insightful feedback we received via polls and interviews with our users. One of the things we heard the most? A need for tighter security.

If data security is important to any department, it’s mission critical for HR. Because HR produces and gathers a high volume of sensitive information about your employees and company, the risk of that information being leaked or hacked is a real concern. In a world of digital communication and computerized or cloud-based information storage, all of your company’s conversations, documents, and data regarding benefits, payroll, complaints, hiring processes, and more can be vulnerable to exposure. When looking at an automated case management system for HR, it’s crucial that you’re able to have absolute confidence in your system.

Our users saw room for improvement to the security of our HR case manager and call-tracking workflow solution, and we listened. With LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0, we’re proud to provide you with not only a more user-friendly and functional update, but the most secure version of LBi HR HelpDesk yet.

How did we make it more secure? Good question.

After conducting vulnerability assessment audits on the application and code, we made the appropriate changes to ensure that LBi HR HelpDesk keeps your employee and organizational data completely confidential. For the Enterprise edition, this includes enhancements to the hosting configuration and the addition of an optional two-factor authentication, allowing you to choose the highest level of security for your company’s unique needs. Our implementation of Two-Factor Authentication leverages Google Authenticator or you can integrate your corporate two-factor device.

For our Free, Pro, ProPlus, and Enterprise versions of LBi HR HelpDesk, we improved user security with enhanced password management tools. Employees will now have more control over the security of their own information with the option to increase the strength and recoverability of their passwords.

A more secure platform for a better solution.

LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0 is a fully featured HR case management software that empowers HR professionals to determine how their records are classified, organized, and retained with the utmost privacy in mind. LBi HR HelpDesk has always created a rich and powerful HR knowledge base on the fly, but that knowledge base is now tougher and more defensible than ever.

Does your HR case management system protect your data like this? If not, it’s time to consider LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0. With its improved hosting configuration, optional two-step authentication, and advanced password management capability, LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0 allows you to empower your employees and increase the efficiency of HR, while keeping your company and employee data safe behind a rock-solid wall of defense.

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