Using HR HelpDesk for Talent Management Processes


One of the hottest HR Shared Services products today is talent management software. Designed to manage the entire lifecycle of employee tenure within an organization, these solutions have become one of the most high-demand systems for corporations large and small. However, as they impact virtually every department within HR, from recruiting to benefits to payroll, etc., the decision timeframe for selection of the best-fit solution can be considerably protracted as many users are directly involved in the selection process. Additionally, the most comprehensive systems can be quite expensive, frequently requiring a longer term budget appropriation process.

For many organizations, the short-term solution is to continue with their current painfully inefficient paper intensive processes until a new system can be procured and implemented. There is, however, a viable alternative – LBi HR HelpDesk. As we have discussed in previous articles, HR HelpDesk is a productive and often necessary add-on to even the finest talent management systems, since HR case/ticket management is not generally a component of talent management suites.

Frequently, organizations choose to implement talent management solutions prior to rolling out case management applications, as they feel deployment of these systems is a longer term project and therefore requires more immediate time and resources. Additionally there is a perception that HR Help Desk is typically a subsequent add-on to talent management, though the two can be implemented independently of each other.

But did you know comprehensive HR Case Management systems, like those from LBi, can actually solve the immediate problem of automating talent management while simultaneously implementing HR HelpDesk? In an interim stage prior to selecting and deploying a full talent management suite, LBi HR HelpDesk can effectively cover the majority of traditional talent management functions in addition to standard case management functions. For example, HR HelpDesk can maintain separate employee record databases from prospective candidate’s data. HR users can choose to run reports on employee case activities, completely independent from reports on candidate interview and onboarding tasks, all within a single system.

Candidate resumes may be stored in discrete sections of the Document Repository. Candidate interviews can be scheduled in HR HelpDesk and reviewer comments can also be maintained.

LBi HR HelpDesk custom workflow processes can be created on the fly, specific to employee ticket management tasks, candidate onboarding tasks, or other HR activities. Secure and confidential dialogs between HR, hiring managers, and others involved in candidate evaluations are stored within each candidate’s record.

Training and Development reminders can be scheduled within HR HelpDesk  and trainer comments can be stored as well. Probationary periods may be scheduled and tracked in HR HelpDesk. New hires can be tagged for closer review and monitoring, ensuring every new employee is provided the attention they deserve to make certain they become productive and well-adjusted contributors to the organization.

Though LBi HR HelpDesk is not a completely viable replacement for a comprehensive talent management solution, it can serve many organizations very well, not only as a fully featured help desk system, but also quite satisfactorily for basic talent management functions. At significantly lower cost and deployment timeframe than traditional talent management software, LBi HR HelpDesk can be that perfect Shared Services solution for a broad set of HR business requirements, and is designed from the ground up to integrate with your current and future HRIS systems.

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