How an Employee Portal Frees Up Time for HR Teams

employee portal

No matter the profession, there are only so many hours in a week to accomplish tasks. Specifically, HR professionals must prioritize their myriad of tasks based on their level of importance. We can all agree that accommodating company employees’ needs is certainly a main priority. But how much time should it consume in an HR professional’s week?

In a recent study by TotalJobs, more than 20 HR decision-makers were polled on their individual weekly work routine. The results showed that HR professionals spend nearly 30% of their time dealing with employees. From employee meetings to relations and engagement, this study found that the HR elite are consumed by their employees’ needs. This forces them to disregard additional, important tasks such as developing HR strategy, administrative work and operations management, to name a few.

What if there was a tool to accommodate employees and essentially free up HR professionals’ time? The answer is an HR HelpDesk system with an Employee Portal.

As seen in LBi Software’s HR HelpDesk Version 7, this innovative solution provides employees with company policies, handbooks and FAQs. In effect, employees are empowered to solve their own questions without calling, emailing or knocking on HR’s door.

In HR HelpDesk 7, the Employee Portal features three core functionalities. First, the ability to ask a question in a Google search-type format. This open-ended search tool utilizes the system’s Artificial Intelligence to source through company information. While the employee is typing their question, relative topics (including questions and answers) are populating. This is the first step to empowering employees.

Another valuable method is the ability to simply search FAQs. As previously mentioned, this application puts company documents in the (digital) hands of its employees. If the user is more comfortable perusing through information, rather than typing their question, this is the method for them. Any question they may have, from benefits to medical to time off, can be found in this section.

The last piece of the employee portal is viewing existing cases. This is where employees can stay informed on the status of their inquiries, while keeping in touch with HR professionals through interactions. The employee portal is linked to their email so whether they’re on the app or not, they’re always updated with actions on their cases.

In conclusion, with the integration of a HelpDesk system that features an Employee Portal, HR professionals can spend time working on more pressing tasks.

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