Putting "HR Help" Back in the HR Help Desk

HR Help

The expectations of HR continue to grow — to be more of a strategic player in the organization as well as to provide increasingly user-friendly services to employees. HR could use a little HR help from some friends.

Among those friends is an automated HR case management system, built specifically for HR departments to improve HR service delivery and provide HR self-service. This kind of solution can be just the kind of HR help that HR needs today.

First, however, you want to make sure your HR case management solution is designed specifically for HR departments. A system built for IT’s needs and repurposed for HR will fall short of the mark in several ways. You can read more about why that is in our blog post “HR Delivery Excellence Demands HR-dedicated Case Management: True Temper Tools Would Agree” and dig even deeper into the topic in our white paper “Case Management: The Backbone of Excellence in HR Service Delivery.”

With an automated HR help desk (aka case management system or HR case management solution), employees and HR are both empowered by technology they can put to practical use every day — without involving the IT department — and from anywhere, on almost any device, at any time. HR can be more efficient, provide greater employee service, and greatly reduce the risks of corporate and regulatory noncompliance.

This is especially true when the system has a user-friendly employee self-service portal (a proven tool for boosting user adoption and engagement) and a wiki knowledge base that can be created on the fly (which quickly and easily updates and distributes relevant knowledge across the entire scope of HR topics as cases are resolved and policies are revised). You can find more on our blog about the benefits of employee self-service and how your organization can leverage them to improve HR case management. The power of wiki knowledge bases for HR was the topic of a recent blog post.

A highly featured, automated HR case management solution like LBi HR HelpDesk can also deliver analytics that help HR see trends and patterns in countless corners of the organization as they’re occurring. This gives HR real-time reporting capabilities for proactive planning and to see trends as they’re developing.

As we said in our blog post “Looking Back to See Ahead: The Predictive Power of HR Case Management Analytics,” this empowers HR to “be proactive, offer recommendations, and make changes to policies, documents, and processes going forward [by providing] powerful HCM reporting and analytics that give HR administrators a complete historical view of every interaction between HR and employees.”

The bottom line is this: LBi HR HelpDesk offers HR technology that enables companies with as few as 100 employees to gain greater efficiency of HR functions and be more helpful for employees — boosting employee engagement and performance. This is where today’s powerful HR technology gets back to reality. It’s leveraging HR technology to focus on the people in the organization and help HR become a more strategic business partner. Our e-book “Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Applying HR Technology to Solve Real-world Problems” brings the insight and wisdom of seven of HR’s most recognized thought leaders to this very topic.

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