HR Case Management Can Boost Employee Engagement

HR Case Management Boosts Employee EngagementThe features of an automated HR Case Management System – from resolving cases faster and easier, to empowering self-service – can help create and heighten employee engagement.

For example, an HR case management system designed to serve HR keeps a record, instantly available, of every employee transaction. With just a couple of clicks, an HR team member has access to the entire history of a case. The employee doesn’t need to restart the process if he or she needs to follow up on a case.  It’s obviously more efficient for HR, and it’s also an effective tool for heightening employee engagement. It shows employees that the company cares enough to handle their concerns quickly and knowledgeably – it brings consumer-like service to the world of HR.

Research by Gallup and others has shown that engaged employees feel their companies value their time, give them the tools and resources they need not only to do their jobs well but also to manage their time more efficiently, and share information readily and openly.

An employee portal and employee self-service are other features of an HR case management system that boost employee engagement. They’re especially effective when they’re supported by an HR knowledge base. Again, it’s a matter of HR enabling employees with the same kind of self-service, resources-rich experience they are becoming accustomed to as online consumers.

For an HR help desk, that means empowering employees to find answers to as many questions as possible online, on their own time, and without needing to talk with or wait for a response from an HR representative.  LBi HR HelpDesk, for example, has a technologically sophisticated employee portal that’s also very user friendly.  In addition to being able to access a knowledge base of questions that are commonly asked in the system, employees can:

  • View histories of their own cases
  • Create new cases online from the employee portal
  • Create new cases by emailing the case management system

The bottom line is that giving employees direct access to their own information, as well as the resources in a company-wide knowledge base, increases employee satisfaction through a faster, easier way to resolve issues.

To learn more about how an HR Case Management system can improve employee engagement download this white paper: Heightened Employee Engagement: Hidden Gold in an Automated HR Help Desk.

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