Improving the User Experience: Happier Employees, Better HR

HR HelpDesk Multi Device

We’ve been talking a lot about our LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0 update, and for good reason. It’s the most powerful HR case management solution out there, and its many improvements were designed to make your life easier.

Because that’s the whole point of an automated HR case management solution, right? To streamline the process and mitigate the hassle, freeing you to focus on talent management and your employees to focus on their work. Unfortunately, so many help desk software solutions complicate the process and exacerbate the headache. They employ inefficient design and interfaces that do anything but lighten your workload. Even with our HR case manager, we saw room for improvement, and so we created LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0.

As we listened to feedback from our clients, we realized that one of our main improvements would be user experience and accessibility — for both HR and employees. Why? Every time someone logs on to LBi HR HelpDesk, we want them to be able to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly. The interface and design should be user-friendly, enabling users to complete tasks efficiently and come away from the whole experience with a general sense of enjoyment and ease. Joy and HR reporting? Yes, it’s possible.

An HR-friendly experience

At LBi, our vast experience in HR allows us to understand the nuanced issues you run into every day. So it only makes sense that we leverage that knowledge to provide the most HR-friendly experience possible with our case management and call-tracking workflow software. With LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0, you’ll notice updates to the HR portal such as a new home screen, clipboard widgets, and a fully stocked Resources page that includes how-to videos, product user guides, and the ability to ask our experts and get answers to any questions.

We’ve also got an advanced employee search function — instead of wracking your brain for specific information on your employees, LBi HR HelpDesk allows you to find the information and people you need with zero hassle. And after you’re done, you can export your search results to CSV with a single click.

Other improvements to the HR portal include the ability to color code cases according to priority level, allowing you to easily identify the most important cases or ones you’d like to tackle first. Finally, we’ve streamlined the application setup process and enhanced the user interface to give you an overall better user experience. You might even find yourself getting excited to log on to HR HelpDesk!

Making employees happier

And you’re not the only one who benefits from the new update — HR HelpDesk 6.0 from LBi features enhancements to the employee self-service portal as well*. Many times, employees don’t use HR help desks because they don’t want to deal with the system’s difficult interface. They then use other routes to pass on their requests (or never submit them at all), which not only creates miscommunication, but undermines the purpose of your HR case manager software.

LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0 can solve this problem — by not only improving user experience for your HR team but for your employees as well. Increased accessibility for employees means increased frequency of use and a larger storehouse of cases, empowering you to meet the needs of your employees and heighten employee engagement.

How? We completely redesigned the HR self-service portal for employees. Looking at LBi HR HelpDesk from an employee’s perspective, we knew we needed to modernize and simplify the interface for employee access. With this new update, employees will be able to view their case history and create new cases directly through the Web or by emailing the LBi HR HelpDesk system. And as we mentioned in a recent post on the improved security of LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0, users in the Free, Pro, and ProPlus versions will also notice enhanced password management tools. We all know the hassle of remembering complicated passwords and answering password recall questions; now your employees will have more control over their passwords and recoverability options.

With improved user experience and better accessibility, employees will use LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0 more than ever. With this increased frequency of use, you will have more data, better case workloads, and more opportunity to maximize the software and solve your company’s problems with increased efficiency and reduced costs.

The new LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0: creating happier employees and better HR.

The new update for LBi HR HelpDesk is available now for download or upgrade; learn more today.


*The employee self-service portal is not available with LBi HR HelpDesk Free.