Meet Your New HR Superstar

AI for the workplace

Would you hire a highly skilled and experienced prime HR candidate for the price of an entry level clerk?  What if your new employee is guaranteed to:

  • Save the organization valuable time and dollars
  • Resolve HR cases faster
  • Free up other HR resources for more strategic work
  • Guarantee consistent adherence to company policies/procedures
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Electronically archive and manage all HR case history
  • Assure adherence to government regulations
  • Automatically generate and distribute valuable analytical reports
  • Track patterns of issues & resolve them before they fester

Additionally, what if your new hire will:

  • Work 24/7/365
  • Never take a day off
  • Never complain about anything
  • Require no paid benefits
  • Will do everything you ask (within the job description)
  • Never make a mistake
  • Do all of this – guaranteed

Interested?  Meet LBi HR HelpDesk 6.0, your new superstar. LBi HR HelpDesk is your loyal and dedicated partner, dedicated to helping you build and maintain a successful HR Shared Services operation.

HR Help Desk is the perfect liaison between HR and the employee population. With HR Help Desk, internal communications with the workforce will be fast and efficient, problems will be recognized and solved faster, and increased employee satisfaction can be measured.

LBi HR Help Desk 6.0 comes to you with exactly that strong a résumé. Backed by an organization with 30+ years’ experience delivering world-class HCM solutions to organizations in virtually every major vertical market, LBi wants to be your virtual headhunter, your partner in “employing” the top HR talent you demand, delivering software solutions that quickly become just like valued employees, integral to your operations.

Now if LBi HR Help Desk was a candidate for an actual HR position, at CSR-level wages, would you hire him/her? When you think about it, how could you not make that hire, right?

And there will be one more parking spot available in the parking lot for everyone else, not to mention one less coffee cup to wash.

LBi HR Help Desk 6.0 — Highly qualified; easy to hire; easy to train and manage; and readily adjusts to policy and procedure changes. The perfect HR hire.

Contact LBi Software to arrange a private interview with HR Help Desk.